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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Frozen Design 4 - Frozen Rainbow Rosette Cake for Gwyen

If you know the Queen Bee, you will know that she loves piping! 
Yes, that's me! :)

Once in a while, I will get a request for a buttercream cake. I get very excited!
I do love piping work, it refreshes my skills and I love how I can create pretty swirls and flowers with every stroke. 

My favourite piped item is the swirl rosette, and I call it 
the Baking Bees Perfect Swirl.
When I get a order for a rosette cake, my eyes will light up 
and there's almost a happy dance! ^-^
This rosette cake is our 7th Frozen cake order.

My friend ordered this cake for her daughter Gwyen, this is the 2nd year 
I'm making a birthday cake for her. 
It's always a pleasure to see the young ones growing up.

 Close-up of the cake.
Top view, with the fondant decorations.

My friend used her own toys, which she placed on the fondant plate.
The happy birthday princess with her cake!

Happy 6th birthday, Gywen! :)

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