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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Thomas the Train Cake for Caleb

Indeed, every cake tells a story. We will never forget this order. 

Caleb's mom messaged me while we were on holiday 
in Hong Kong in Nov 2014. 
The most memorable thing is that the order was confirmed 
on our Baking Bees 3rd Anniversary on 29th Nov 2014! :)

Caleb's birthday falls on Christmas Day, so it seems that it is difficult to get bakers to commit to an order on a major holiday. 
I'm a mom of 4, I can understand how important it is to get 
that perfect cake for your child!

We used light blue fondant to cover the cake, made train tracks out of fondant and made Caleb's name in colourful letters. 
Thomas & Friends logo is printed on edible icing sheet. We even loaned the Thomas toy used to decorate the cake.

As the order was confirmed on our anniversary, we decided to celebrate by giving a 10% discount on the cake. 
Instead of telling Caleb's mom up front, we gave her a surprise by packing the refund money into an ang pow (lucky red packet) and passed it to her when she returned the Thomas toy.

Front view of the cake.
Some of the details of the cake.
Little Caleb with his cake.
A handwritten note accompanied the cash refund.

Happy 3rd birthday, Caleb!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Frozen Design 3 - Frozen Curvy Snowy Top Cake for Cadence

Before we knew it, we were making our 8th Frozen cake! :)

This time, it's for Cadence who was turning 6. 
Her lovely mom ordered this cake for her. 

A yummy chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream, 
draped with light blue fondant and a snowy curvy top, 
decorated with a splash of snowflakes in 3 colours.
We also crafted a jumbo number 6 and 
used a set of toys to decorate the cake.

Front view of the cake.
A close-up of the details.

Happy Birthday, Cadence! 
Hope we have the chance to make your cake again in future! :)

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Slugterra Cake for Rick

If I had to pick my favourite cake for 2014, this would be the one!

My boys liked watching Slugterra, so I had some impression of the cartoon. 
But I didn't know much about the slugs, so I had to get a crash course 
(Slugterra 101) from my boys! Hahaha :P
I found the slugs pretty adorable and I was sure 
I would enjoying making them from scratch. 
For this cake, I made Thresher, Tazerling, Infurnus and Boon Doc 
(in order from left to right, on cake).

My favourite slug would have to be Infurnus, 
because he reminds me of my 3rd son! ^-^

Main character Eli Shane and the Slugterra logo are printed 
on edible icing, and attached to the front of the cake.
 Top view of the cake.

 Side views of the cake.
Close-up of the slugs :)

Happy 6th Birthday, Rick!

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