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Monday, September 9, 2013

Baby Christine First Birthday Cakes and Cupcakes

Baby Christine Turns One!

Baby Christine is my cousin Stella's daughter, she is really adorable. 
When I was asked to make her first birthday, I was delighted!

My cousin wanted a cake in the shape of a Number 1 and 50 cupcakes. After some discussion, we decided on vanilla Number 1 cake and chocolate cupcakes. I was given the go-ahead to design the cake and cupcakes as I desired, and the only criteria was that the cake fondant is to be lilac in colour and cupcake icing also lilac to match.

I love making cupcakes! 
I enjoy making the icing swirl roses which I call the Baking Bees Perfect Swirl.

Lovely cupcakes for Baby Christine. I made 4 designs which complemented the cake design.

The 2 trays of completed cupcakes. C is for Christine!

The Baking Bees signature fondant bees. 
Cute and absolutely adorable, don't you agree?

 Floral bouquets with butterflies and sweet letters which spell " HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY",
also a floral border to complete the look.

Lots and lots of pretty flowers for little Christine, in harmonious colours - purple, red and pink!

 Top view!

The adorable birthday princess with her parents. 

May you grow up to be a constant joy to your parents and be a great elder sister to your sibling/s, Baby Christine! ^_^