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Monday, November 18, 2013

Birthday Cakes For Scouts Cuboree 2013

Tenderfoot Mom. The first time I heard that phrase, I was really clueless about what it meant. Later on, I discovered that "Tenderfoot" is used to describe first-timer cub scouts. Tenderfoot Mom sounded cute and I like it ^_^

Scouts Cuboree 2013 was a new experience for the whole family! Aloysius stayed at the Sarimbun campsite with his group in a tent for 2 nights, his first time away from home. For us, we were all excited before the camp, helping to organize, label and pack all his things.

Our Scout leader Carol heard that I bake cakes, she contacted me and asked if I could make 6 big cakes for the closing ceremony for the camp. The intention was to celebrate the November babies birthday and there were 80 of them (cubs, scouts, leaders, all inclusive).

I was honoured to be asked to bake for the Cuboree, and I was really excited. After confirming the design for the icing image, I sent it to be printed. Fortunately, my friend Paik Sim (of Bake Tales) helped me out by baking 3 of the cakes. For all six cakes, we both used American Buttercream as it wasn't possibly to have the cakes refrigerated. Paik Sim kindly sent all the cakes to the campsite on the very morning of the last day. 

I love piping and I piped some borders around the icing image, around the top of the cake and around the base. Base icing colour was light green while the icing for the borders were dark green; these 2 shades of green follows the scout uniform!

I have enjoyed being a Tenderfoot Mom in 2013. In 2014, I will be a Tenderfoot Mom again as my second son is joining scouts too. Guess what? I will be a Tenderfoot Mom again in 2015, when my third son joins scouts at Primary 1! Lucky me! *grins*

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Alexa's Rainbow Delight

Lucky Alexa had 2 birthday cakes or her 3rd birthday!

Her second cake is a 8" rainbow cake, iced with cream cheese frosting, surrounded by tall Kit Kats and topped with rainbow coloured M&Ms.

This a a truly sweet treat, for an equally sweet little girl.

Here's little Alexa, with all her lovely birthday presents.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

3D Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for Alexa

This is the 2nd year that I'm making Alexa's birthday cake. 

It's an honour to receive request from the same customer again, thank you, Stephanie for trusting me again with your daughter's birthday cake.

Alexa likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, therefore the design had to include a 3D replica of the clubhouse, along with the giant white gloved hand. I added rainbow coloured lettering to brighten the cake. Toys were provided by Alexa's mommy.

Pretty little Alexa in a purple dress, at her birthday party.

Another shot of the birthday girl at cake-cutting.

Happy birthday Alexa! ^_^