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Sunday, March 3, 2013

My God-Daughter Eliza's 1st Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

My God-Daughter Eliza Claire is 1!

My good friend Gwen ask me to bake a cake for my god-daughter's 1st birthday. 
Of course, I was delighted to do so! ^_^

It was decided that it would be a 10" square chocolate cake and the only request was for bold colours as the little princess was attracted to them. 

We used pink for the base fondant and added a few little blossoms to add a sweet touch.

Godpa (Brendan) and I both did the decorating together. It was nice working together for someone special to us.

Along with the birthday cake, her parents also ordered 50 cupcakes with white icing and pink letter E, to give away to colleagues as tokens for Eliza's 1st birthday announcement. 

I love making cupcakes as I love making my favourite rosettes!
Eliza's parents came by before the cake was ready, so they came up to our place and helped out too! :P It was indeed nice to catch up.

Thanks Gwen & Aaron for letting us be part of Eliza's first birthday celebrations! ^_^

Lego Blocks for Caden's 2nd Birthday

Baby Moo turns 2!

I started off the year with 2 Lego blocks for little Caden, in red and yellow. 

My long-time friend Regina, who was incidentally also my first customer who gave me my first order back in Nov 2011, wanted me to make blackforest cake in the form of Lego blocks.

Some of you  may remember one of my first posts - C is for Caden, where I baked cow-themed cupcakes for Caden's 1st birthday last year. In a blink of an eye, this cute little guy is celebrating his 2nd birthday! ^_^

I love a good challenge, it keeps the baking and decorating interesting and I stay motivated. Although I first made Lego blocks cake last year, this order was different as it's a blackforest cake and I wanted to use chocolate buttercream and dark cherries as the filling.

Regina came by to my place to collect the cake while I was out. In the middle of Ignatius' violin class, I started smiling as I read her Facebook message saying that the birthday boy loved the cake. 

This photo for Caden really warmed my heart!

I heard that he enjoyed it very much!

Sincere thanks to Regina, for her support! ^_^ 
Also thanks for the mention on her Mummy Moo blog.

Under The Sea Birthday Cake

Shortly after completing the Dora cake for Stephanie, I received a call from her cousin Teresa. She requested for a Under The Sea Theme birthday cake for her son's birthday.

Although Teresa was going to pass me some small sea creatures, but I wanted to make the cake more thematic. I bought sea creatures cookies cutters and began working on the design.

Teresa also wanted the cake to have jelly beans and M&Ms, which I managed to incorporate into the design as the borders.

  The sides of the cake were adorned with whales, sharks, dolphins and fish. On the top, the sea was recreated with blue coloured edible gel.

Dora Birthday Cake for Alexa

Dora the Explorer

Stephanie wanted me to make a Dora Cake for her little girl's birthday.

Perhaps one day, I would sit down and experiment with modelling fondant figurines but it would take time and lots of practice first. Time wasn't on my side, so I asked Stephanie if she could get some small Dora figurines so I could place them on the cake.

I decided on a garden theme since Dora was always exploring and on a quest. 

Little Alexa likes colours, so I made the message in rainbow colours. They are so bright and cheery! 

To add some pretty pastel colours, I used twisty marshmallow for the border.

Keeping in mind that the cake is a for little girl, the butterflies and flowers were in pink and white.

The Dora cake is my first 10" Square cake order and I am delighted that it was successful! 

Behind the scenes, there were a lot of prep work - cutting all the flowers, butterflies and letters, as well as baking the cake. Final step was to roll out a massive piece of fondant and cover the entire cake! That was the biggest challenge.

Black Forest Cupcakes for Brandon

I received an order for Blackforest Cupcakes. I have never made them before. How should I do them?

After some discussions with Adeline, we settled on a chocolate cupcake with a dark cherry centre. 


She requested for minimal icing and red sprinkles. 

I was happy to oblige, but was concerned that the rosette would not look as good.

I loved making the icing rosettes. They loved good even when they had to be smaller.

The completed cupcakes for Brandon's 12th birthday ^_^ 

Blackforest was the only flavour cake that the birthday boy loved! I am so glad to be able to be part of the celebration through my bakes.

Many thanks to Adeline for mentioning me on the post on Brandon's birthday party on The Accidental Mom Blogger.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pink Ribbon Cookies

Pink Ribbon Galore!

Every October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For many years, I've made it a personal mission to sell the Pink Ribbon pins at my office. I sincerely hoped that each buyer would think about the importance of self-examinations and mammograms. 

However, in 2012, I decided to take a break from selling pins.

Instead I made tons and tons of pink ribbon cookies! ^_^

My sister wanted me to make 150 pink ribbon cookies as she wanted to give tokens of appreciation for the people who helped to organised activities for breast cancer awareness month. 

Each small ziplock bag contains 2 cookies with pink royal icing and  pink sprinkles.