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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pretty Pink Cookies for Erin

Erin is 8!

Last year, I made pretty cucpakes for Erin, for her 7th birthday. The cupcakes were a hit with her classmates.

This year, Erin decided that she wanted something different, so it was cookies instead. I made a BIG HEART shape and I coloured the cookie dough pink, just to make it extra sweet!

I used royal incing in a sweet baby pink colour to ice the cookies. I also added 2 cute little fondant blossoms to decorate the cookies, along with a personalized fondant tag with hand stamped message,"ERIN IS 9 TODAY".

Cookies turned our really pretty, isn't it?
Individual cookies were packed in mini ziplock bags to maintain freashness and keep them crispy!

Thanks to my friend Carmen, for trusting me with her daughter's birthday treats once again!!  ^_^

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Birthday Cupcakes For Godma

Birthday Cupcakes for my Kai Ma!

Over the years, I have bought cakes and cupcakes for my Kai Ma (godma/godmother) on her birthdays. 
This year I made a butter cake for her for Chinese New Year and she said it was good.

This year I decided to make a box of cupcakes for her. 

Kai Ma and her family enjoyed the cupcakes very much. 

She even viewed my blog and Facebook photos online! *happy*

Appreciation For Teachers By The Khoolets

Teacher's Day 2013 - Cupcakes, Cupcakes and MORE Cupcakes! 

For all the lovely teachers and principcals at St. Joseph's Institution Junior, Marymount Kindergarten, Mandeville Music Conservatory and Confucius Institute! ^_^

This year, I made so many cupcakes and I think I lost count! There were trays and trays of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes every other day, it was good that we could stagger the deliveries - school teachers on Weds and enrichment teachers on Fri and Sat of the week.

At the same time, I also volunteered to make 20 cupcakes for the Teacher's Day lunch party at SJIJ, organzied by the Parent Volunteers. Although I couldn't go and serve the teachers, a friend came to pick up the cupcakes from my place while I was at work. *Thanks Fel!*

For these cupcakes, I had the chance to venture into making Swiss Meringue Buttercream for the first time! I wanted to let the teachers try something different (from the cupcakes that the boys would be giving out) at the lunch, so I bit the bullet and got to work. 

The Swiss Meringue Buttercream turned out very well and it was really yummy!

 Hey, I managed to do the Baking Bees Perfect Swirl with Swiss Meringue Buttercream! Success!

 Heard that the cupcakes were well-liked by the teachers and they were all gone! *yippee*

For the P2 and P3 boys, the principal, vice-principal, form teachers and chinese teachers received a box of 4 cupcakes each - 2 vanilla and 2 chocolate, decorated with hand crafted floral accents and message stars stamped with "THANK YOU" & "YOU ARE NO. 1".  Other subject teachers received a box of 3 cupcakes each.

All made with the signature Baking Bees Perfect Swirl with American Buttercream.

Similarly, the violin and cello teachers at Mandeville Music Conservatory received 4 cupcakes in a box. The aural teacher and piano accompaniment teachers received 3 each.

Marymount Kindergarten principal and teachers received 3 each too! Actually I know that Ascensius' form teacher does not eat cake! Hahaha!

Confucius Institute chinese teachers have been teaching the 3 boys for a few years now. 
To make them more special, I printed the boys' chinese names and added tiny little hearts as decoration, together with the hand crafted floral accents and hand stamped stars with message.

Heartfelt thanks to all the teachers, for all your hard work and dedication! 

Teacher's Day Cupcakes For the Chwas

Teacher's Day Cupcakes with a Touch of Personalization

My friend June asked me to bake some cupcake for her children 
to give to their teachers for Teacher's Day. 

Her 3 children are in different school, so apart from personalized fondant toppers 
with their names (Victoria, Hannah & Amir), the cupcake icing colours also matches 
the school colours in green and blue.

Hand made and hand stamped personalized fondant toppers.

Cupcakes assembled!

Cupcake up close and personal! ^_^

Cupcakes in individual holders, all ready to be given as gifts!

Thanks to my friend June and her children for coming up with the design, 
and trusting me with the order!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Mario 1-Up Mushrooms for Aadam

The Shrooms are Everywhere!

Aadam is my 2nd boy's classmate. His mom Fatima asked if I  could make some 
Super Mario 1-up Mushrrom theme cupcakes for this 8th birthday celebration at school.

I said I would love to give it a try! :) I googled for pictures to have a reference and 
I thought that they are really adorable! 

I suggested adding a few personalized star toppers, just to make the cupcakes 
more special and add another bright colour. 
Message on the stars was "Aadam is 8".

As the fondant toppers would cover the icing, I made a extra one with the signature
Baking Bees Perfect Swirl Rosette just for mommy Fatima. In fact, I threw in a couple more, 
so Aadam's siblings can get to enjoy them too.

Here's what happened at the school birthday party ^_^
I heard that the cupcakes went in a flash! Some boys asked for extras!
Even the fondant letters on the board was eaten by the boys.

 Birthday Boy giving out cupcakes to his friends and teachers.

Aadam with mommy Fatima, it's a nice pic!

Aadam's sister having a cupcake on the way home. 
She said it was delicious and gave the thumbs up!

Aadam and his sister having more cupcakes at home!

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cupcakes for My Dear Friends

In August every year, my close friends and I will celebrate the birthdays of 
the 2 wonderful ladies in our group - Pui Yee and Su Lin. 
This year the celebration was brought forward to end July due to PSLE exams.

Last year, I made a purple rosette cake for the 2 ladies. 
This year, I decided to make something different - chocolate cupcakes with mini rosettes!
I added small Happy Birthday tags just to add some celebratory cheer.

In general, adults tend to prefer less icing on cupcakes. 
While I can't make them less sweet, I can try to use less of it ^_^
In the end, I think the mini rosettes are really adorable. What do you think?

After our dinner buffet, every was too stuffed to eat the cupcake, 
so they all brought them home, to be enjoyed the next day.