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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pretty Pink Cookies for Erin

Erin is 8!

Last year, I made pretty cucpakes for Erin, for her 7th birthday. The cupcakes were a hit with her classmates.

This year, Erin decided that she wanted something different, so it was cookies instead. I made a BIG HEART shape and I coloured the cookie dough pink, just to make it extra sweet!

I used royal incing in a sweet baby pink colour to ice the cookies. I also added 2 cute little fondant blossoms to decorate the cookies, along with a personalized fondant tag with hand stamped message,"ERIN IS 9 TODAY".

Cookies turned our really pretty, isn't it?
Individual cookies were packed in mini ziplock bags to maintain freashness and keep them crispy!

Thanks to my friend Carmen, for trusting me with her daughter's birthday treats once again!!  ^_^

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