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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Teacher's Day Cupcakes For the Chwas

Teacher's Day Cupcakes with a Touch of Personalization

My friend June asked me to bake some cupcake for her children 
to give to their teachers for Teacher's Day. 

Her 3 children are in different school, so apart from personalized fondant toppers 
with their names (Victoria, Hannah & Amir), the cupcake icing colours also matches 
the school colours in green and blue.

Hand made and hand stamped personalized fondant toppers.

Cupcakes assembled!

Cupcake up close and personal! ^_^

Cupcakes in individual holders, all ready to be given as gifts!

Thanks to my friend June and her children for coming up with the design, 
and trusting me with the order!

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