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Friday, December 6, 2013

3 Special Minions - Dave, Stuart & Tim

Dave, Stuart & Tim for Axton, Asher & Andre!

Ein Ein contacted me to bake a special cake for her twin boys Asher & Andre who are celebrating their 1st milestone birthday, together with elder brother Axton who is turning 4. 

She wanted a big rainbow cake with cream cheese frosting, 
with 3 special minion toppers  - Dave, Stuart and Tim.

The party theme was Minions which is all the rage, 
and mommy & daddy dressed in minion Ts 
while mommy had her nails adorned with minion designs. 
Cool mom! ^_^


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pastel Purple And Pink Lego Blocks for Gwyen

My friend Germaine asked if I could make Lego blocks for her daughter's 5th birthday. 

I would love to make cakes for girls!

Her request was quite straight forward - 2 Lego blocks in pink and lilac colours, 
one measuring 3" wide x 6" long and the other 5" wide x 10" long. 


To brighten the cake, I suggested rainbow letters for the board.

Mommy helped to place the Lego Friends figurines on the cake and it was completed!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gru & His Minions For Ignatius

In general, my boys don't have a lot of requests for their cakes. 
Why? I don't know, maybe they are just kind to their mommy. LOL

For Ignatius, last year for his 7th birthday, I got away with cupcakes topped with my signature Perfect Swirl, 
topped with Avengers images printed on edible icing.

This year, I tried my luck again. "What kind of cake would you like this year, Iggy?", I asked.
"Can I have minions?", was the reply.

Hmmmmm....... I have NOT made 3D fondant figurines before. Maybe I should say no, just in case I fail and he would end up 
with a cake with ugly toppers. I had a discussion with my assistant (aka hubby). He asked me to go for it, because 
if I do not try something different, I won't know if it will work out. 
Hokay, I really didn't want to disappoint my son. So I said yes.

A couple days later, when he got home from school, Iggy changed his mind a little. "Mommy, you know, 
I like the minions a lot, but I like Gru more!" 

Erm....... I was trying to figure out what he meant. 

OH! He wants me to make Gru too?!?!

I got into a little panic but was also secretly happy 
that my son thinks I can make a Gru for him!  

As the party drew near, I started working on the figurines days in advance. I decided to give the minions different arm positions, just to make each one look a little unique.

To complete the look, Iggy helped to make the little bananas out of fondant! 
Aren't they just so cute?