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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chinese New Year Cookies Galore!

Cookies, Cookies Everywhere!

Every Chinese New Year I have grand plans :) Hey, no harm in trying to be ambitious right? I would think that I could bake 3-4 types of cookies, all to be completed before Chinese  New Year.

This year, I only managed to make 2 types - Cornflake Cookies and Cornflake Clusters. Personally, I like cornflakes and so do my kids. This year I roped in the hubby and kids to help out, indeed many hands make work light. We had fun working together!

 Ascensius decided to be my model for my Cornflake Cookies, isn't he cute?

I let some friends try my Cornflake Cookies after I baked the first batch. Very thrilled to receive good reviews and friends asked if they could order. I was happy to oblige! I sold 12 tubs of Cornflake Cookies.

The Cornflake Clusters are quite addictive. My kids love them, so did my nieces and nephew. Even my Godma loves it! :)

After seeing my Facebook posts of my Cornflake Cookies, my Japanese friend Kohei told me that his mom used to bake Cornflake Cookies when he was young. I was curious if it was be a similiar type of cookie and I decided to bake some for him to try. In total, I sent 2 tubs.

I was overjoyed to hear that the cookies were very well-received by my Japanese friends too! *thumbs up* ^_^

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