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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Baby is 5!

Baby, Baby!

My friends and family would know that we called Ascensius "Baby" since birth and it wasn't going to be easy to change it, even though there was another baby in the house.

At a blink of an eye, Baby has turned 5! He started closing the door, when he went to the bathroom and one day, he told us,"Don't call me Baby anymore! I am a big boy now!" 

We decided that we would try our best to stop calling him Baby.

Baby was full of ideas for his birthday party and birthday cake design. Unfortunately, he was born during Chinese New Year, so it was often difficult to organize a birthday party at home for him. Similarly, this year we decided to just have a party at school. At first, he wanted a Power Rangers picture on edible icing. That would have been a breeze to make :P

1 week before his birthday party, he changed his mind and wanted fondant cake instead! 

I asked them to select 2 of his favourite Power Ranger toys, which I could use as cake toppers. I started designing the cake, incorporating the 2 toys. Since there were 30 kids and 3 teachers, I decided to make a 10" square cake.


Ascensius' favourite colour is green, so his name is in green letters. 

Ascenius waiting patiently for his teacher to light the candles. The real baby looks on.

When we first took the cake out, his classmates said,"WOW!" The best thing is that the kids managed to eat more than 3/4 of the cake! We also cut a few slices for the school principal, administrator, and other teachers who taught the elder boys previously.

Happy 5th Birthday, Baby! 
We wish you will always be happy and cheerful, seeing everything and 
loving everything in technicolour.

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