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Friday, April 25, 2014

Macarons - A Personal Fascination

I remember first trying macarons at a local cafe. Not knowing much, I was firstly fascinated with the variety of flavours and the rainbow colours really attracted me.

After a while, I decided that I will learn how to make macarons since I liked them so much!

After a few trial bakes, I did get pretty decent French macarons. And they were yummy! French macs were finicky and I had a lot of rejects. But I will persevere!

Next, I signed up for a class to learn how to make Italian macarons. They were supposed to be easier and more stable so the yield from each batch would be higher.

Truth be told, I personally like the French macs better. 
Let's just say they taste better in every way.
Let the fun begin! ^_^

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Asher's 4th Birthday Construction Vehicles Cake

I've known Asher from birth, another little boy I've seen growing up. 
Most delighted to make his 4th birthday cake.

Our adorable construction cake with Caterpillar construction vehicles once more, complete with edible sand and chocolate pebbles.

I made and sent this cake out without the toys, 
his parents put the Caterpillar vehicles and chocolate pebbles on site, 
according to my placement instructions. 
They are pretty skilled! ^_^ Good job, Pui Yee and Yew Wye.

Birthday boy was totally delighted! Yay! 
Happy 4th birthday, Asher!

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Zea's 10th Ballerina and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Birthday Cake

Zea is my friend Clarissa's eldest daughter, 
incidentally he shares the same birthday as my eldest son, Aloysius.

She is a trained ballerina, yet passionate about brazilian jiu jitsu (also known as BJJ). 
I incorporated both elements into this special cake. 
This is the first time I made a 3D figurine and I think she looked pretty cute. 
The figurine wore a maroon leotard which mimics the one that Zea used in real life. 
I also made a BJJ belt with her ranking and draped it around the cake.

The delighted birthday girl with her cake! ^_^
Happy 10th birthday, Zea!

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