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Sunday, March 3, 2013

My God-Daughter Eliza's 1st Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

My God-Daughter Eliza Claire is 1!

My good friend Gwen ask me to bake a cake for my god-daughter's 1st birthday. 
Of course, I was delighted to do so! ^_^

It was decided that it would be a 10" square chocolate cake and the only request was for bold colours as the little princess was attracted to them. 

We used pink for the base fondant and added a few little blossoms to add a sweet touch.

Godpa (Brendan) and I both did the decorating together. It was nice working together for someone special to us.

Along with the birthday cake, her parents also ordered 50 cupcakes with white icing and pink letter E, to give away to colleagues as tokens for Eliza's 1st birthday announcement. 

I love making cupcakes as I love making my favourite rosettes!
Eliza's parents came by before the cake was ready, so they came up to our place and helped out too! :P It was indeed nice to catch up.

Thanks Gwen & Aaron for letting us be part of Eliza's first birthday celebrations! ^_^

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