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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Black Forest Cupcakes for Brandon

I received an order for Blackforest Cupcakes. I have never made them before. How should I do them?

After some discussions with Adeline, we settled on a chocolate cupcake with a dark cherry centre. 


She requested for minimal icing and red sprinkles. 

I was happy to oblige, but was concerned that the rosette would not look as good.

I loved making the icing rosettes. They loved good even when they had to be smaller.

The completed cupcakes for Brandon's 12th birthday ^_^ 

Blackforest was the only flavour cake that the birthday boy loved! I am so glad to be able to be part of the celebration through my bakes.

Many thanks to Adeline for mentioning me on the post on Brandon's birthday party on The Accidental Mom Blogger.

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