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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lego Blocks for Caden's 2nd Birthday

Baby Moo turns 2!

I started off the year with 2 Lego blocks for little Caden, in red and yellow. 

My long-time friend Regina, who was incidentally also my first customer who gave me my first order back in Nov 2011, wanted me to make blackforest cake in the form of Lego blocks.

Some of you  may remember one of my first posts - C is for Caden, where I baked cow-themed cupcakes for Caden's 1st birthday last year. In a blink of an eye, this cute little guy is celebrating his 2nd birthday! ^_^

I love a good challenge, it keeps the baking and decorating interesting and I stay motivated. Although I first made Lego blocks cake last year, this order was different as it's a blackforest cake and I wanted to use chocolate buttercream and dark cherries as the filling.

Regina came by to my place to collect the cake while I was out. In the middle of Ignatius' violin class, I started smiling as I read her Facebook message saying that the birthday boy loved the cake. 

This photo for Caden really warmed my heart!

I heard that he enjoyed it very much!

Sincere thanks to Regina, for her support! ^_^ 
Also thanks for the mention on her Mummy Moo blog.

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