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Monday, October 14, 2013

Mario 1-Up Mushrooms for Aadam

The Shrooms are Everywhere!

Aadam is my 2nd boy's classmate. His mom Fatima asked if I  could make some 
Super Mario 1-up Mushrrom theme cupcakes for this 8th birthday celebration at school.

I said I would love to give it a try! :) I googled for pictures to have a reference and 
I thought that they are really adorable! 

I suggested adding a few personalized star toppers, just to make the cupcakes 
more special and add another bright colour. 
Message on the stars was "Aadam is 8".

As the fondant toppers would cover the icing, I made a extra one with the signature
Baking Bees Perfect Swirl Rosette just for mommy Fatima. In fact, I threw in a couple more, 
so Aadam's siblings can get to enjoy them too.

Here's what happened at the school birthday party ^_^
I heard that the cupcakes went in a flash! Some boys asked for extras!
Even the fondant letters on the board was eaten by the boys.

 Birthday Boy giving out cupcakes to his friends and teachers.

Aadam with mommy Fatima, it's a nice pic!

Aadam's sister having a cupcake on the way home. 
She said it was delicious and gave the thumbs up!

Aadam and his sister having more cupcakes at home!

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