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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Benjamin's Dinosaurs & Volcano


This must be most challenging cake in my baking career. 

But me being me, I like being thrown a challenge as it gets me 
really excited and jittery, all at the same time. 

Kind of wonderful, that feeling!

Benjamin loves dinosaurs. 

Actually so do I! I don't always share this info, as I do not want to be seen as a nerdy mom. 
I learnt all the dinosaurs names from my boys, and they are quite a mouthful! *laughs*

This cake, which is the 2nd that Elizabeth ordered, will be dinosaur themed. Placing dinosaur models on the cake would be a good way to decorate the cake, this was the request from the birthday boy. Here is the twist - throw in a VOLCANO!

 I have never made a 3D structure for my cakes. At least in the last one and a half years since Dec 2011, that I have been baking and decorated cakes and cupcakes. I have seen how the Cake Boss would mould shapes out of rice crispies. The process looked fun and interesting, so I decided that I should give it a go. I was very frank with Elizabeth, that this would be my first time working with rice crispies and I wasn't totally sure that I would succeed. 

Being very understanding, she said it was no problem if I failed.

The first volcano I moulded was a success! *YAY* I sent a picture of it to my sister. She said it was too small, will need to double up. Oops! I worked on preparing more rice crispies to increase the size of the volcano. I heard that Benjamin was really looking forward to seeing the volcano, so I couldn't fail or make one that wasn't convincing.

The volcano did take a hours to mould and I had to let it harden. Did I mention that I love volcanoes too? Yes, deep down I am the true blue Geographer, volcanoes & lava make me very excited. LOL! 

Typically volcanoes should be grey or dark in colour, which wouldn't look very nice on a cake. I also like to mix colours in my fondant and create a marbling effect, so I opted to cover the volcano in brown fondant with streaks of black and grey. Next was the lava on the top. I mixed 2 balls of orange and bright yellow fondant, twisted and kneaded them to look like lava. I was pleased with the results! 

The cake is a single tier vanilla with reduced sugar strawberry jam, covered with green fondant. The base is lined with icing grass and the sides were decorated with fondant leaves. 

Elizabeth brought the Dinosaur & Volcano cake 
I heard that he was totally thrilled with the volcano, 
and his friends were in awe. Lovely! 

Sincere thanks for Elizabeth for trusting me, for being a totally cool customer, and also for mentioning me in her blog ;)

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