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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cub Scouts Job Week March 2014 for Aloysius, Luke & Ignatius

My dearest baking buddy and I got together and decided to do a bake sale for our boys' Cub Scouts Job Week since they were too young to do chores door-to-door. Luke and Aloysius was 10 years old (P4) and Ignatius was 9 years old (P3).

We brainstormed and decided that we'll make 1 item each. Mommy and Luke will make Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Glaze, while Aloysius and Ignatius made brownies with me. 

Next, we had to ask family and friends to buy our Buddy Boxes. We asked and cajoled! Guess what? We had orders for 71 boxes, no less!

The boys helped to make some of the cupcakes and brownies, while the mommies finished up making the rest.

We are grateful to our friends for their overwhelming support! Athough the mommies had backaches after all that baking and decorating, it was fun and we really enjoyed it!

The boys also folded all the paper boxes, stuck on the labels and fill them with goodies.

Thanks Kim Teo for being my baking buddy and also joining me for this project!

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