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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Wizard and Magic cake for Aloysius' Science theme 10th birthday party

10th Birthday is another milestone birthday for our family, 
it signals the start of what is known as upper primary years. 
When boys grow very quickly, in terms of physique and mentality.

We engaged Mad Scientists to host the birthday party. 
The boys had a great time, being awed by scientific concepts and simple experiments. 

My baking buddy Kim was most kind to help me out with the figurines. 
Absolutely one of the most skilful cake decorator I know.
She made the wizard, owl, black cats (oooh), books, scroll and potion bottles! 
Thank you, Kim of Scones N Whatever!
I made the 3 cakes (rainbow, chocolate and vanilla, lettering and the little stars.

To add a twist, I made a poured rainbow cake, instead of baking it, layer by layer.
See what they look like in the pan and when the cake was cut.

Up close with the figurines! So cute! *love*

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