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Monday, November 5, 2012

Baby Dimitrius' First Birthday Party @ 1st Sep

Dimitrius Cathal 
Months before Baby Dimitrius' first birthday party, I thought long and hard if I wanted to take the risk to make my 4th son's birthday cake myself. It would be much easier to just find a bakery and order a nice big cake. I intended to go along with the Sesame Street theme, just like the first birthdays of the other 3 brothers. Quite unimaginative huh? Baby D didn't like watching TV, so I really didn't know if he likes Elmo ^_^

Mommy & Baby D

Baby D's cake would be my first fondant covered cake, apart for the one I made for the test at the end of my course where I had to bake a cake, cover it with fondant and decorate all over. 

I wanted very much to make Baby D's cake. I had grand plans - buy a number 1 cake pan and make all the decorations from scratch! Frankly, I didn't know how to make gumpaste figurines. 

2 kind friends helped in my quest - one helped to bring back my number one cake pan and another helped to bring back the Sesame Street candles and cupcake rings. Thanks Andrew and Kenny.

I searched for my old Sesame Street character figurines, which I had bought some years ago as cake toppers for Ascensius' first birthday cake. Decided to use them to decorate Baby D's cake, instead of trying to make my own figurines.

About 2 weeks before the party, I had an idea. I should try to make a marble number 1 cake, just to make it special, instead of just plain vanilla or chocolate. The test cake tasted nice but it didn't look very pretty, in fact it looked kind of unattractive and I was afraid that the dark swirls would show up clearly under the white fondant! Idea was aborted in a jiffy! 

The number one base cake is quite long and the shape is irregular. It would be my biggest challenge ever but I was up for it. All in all, it took me 4 nights to bake all the cakes and cupcakes and to complete the cake decorations. It was pretty hard work and I was glad to have the support of my hubby, whom even sat with me to roll out fondant and help me to cut the little stars! I think he has the potential to be a cake decorator! Hahahaha

At 12am the night before, I felt like I was racing against time. Progress was slow and I felt really tired! By 3am, I had to hit the sack and my back was breaking after sitting down for the last 5 hours. I was sure I would not be able to complete the cake and cupcakes, plus I would look like a big panda at the party! I felt sad.....

I prayed hard, I asked for help as I felt really stressed out. "Lord, please do not let my efforts go to waste, I have come so far! Please give me strength and peace to complete what I set out to do. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen!" 

I went to bed, had a good rest and started working again at 9am. By the grace of God, I was truly amazed. The huge white fondant piece covered the number one base cake totally! ^_^ 
The rest of the cake and cupcakes decorations were completed before 1pm! As the party was at 6pm, I even had a chance for a nap! 

Colourful Baby D Cupcakes 
My parents, siblings and their kids and us, celebrating Baby D's birthday together


  1. Chris, you rose to the challeng, as you're apt to do!

    Happy Birthday Baby D!!

  2. Thanks dear, it was truly memorable! :) I'm really glad that I did!