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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Avengers Cupcakes for My Dear Iggy Boy

My 2nd son Ignatius is a big Avengers fan. We watched the movie at the theatre in May and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

Iggy is right next to me.
Ignatius (Iggy for short) was celebrating his milestone birthday this year. To us, turning 7 is significant as it will be our son's first year in a formal school so we wish have let him have a nice memory of it. Iggy didn't want the same thing as Aloysius' 7th birthday party a year before - we booked a function room and hired an event company to entertain the children, including siblings, nieces, friends and classmates.

Iggy's party was at KidsAmaze  @ Safra Jurong.

Iggy is an active boy who has many friends. He reminded me to make sure that his best friend Glendon from Marymount Kindergarten was invited. We invited his whole class (1 Gabriel) from St. Joseph's Institution Junior.

Iggy's favourite colour is green, just like mommy and younger brother Ascensius. I suggested having green letters to make up the birthday message on the cupcakes. His favourite hero from Avengers is Iron Man, hence the red icing. His second favourite is Hawkeye, so the second colour is blue.

I loved decorating cupcakes because I loved making my signature rose. It makes me really happy looking at the beautiful swirls.

For the cupcake toppers, I ordered Avengers mini pics on edible wafer. Each cupcake has a cupcake topper.  In all, I made 45 cupcakes. 

A bucketful of yummy butter cookies

Apart from cupcakes, I decided to make number 7 butter cookies with icing for Iggy to give away as party favours.

I felt like I was Christina and her bucketful of Number 7 Cookies (just like Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs)! 

4 butter cookies decorated with royal icing, packed in small ziplock bags to maintain freshness.  I was very delighted to know that the kids loved the cookies ^_^ 

I also learnt that it wasn't easy to draw long straight lines with royal icing! Hahahaha

Birthday boy Iggy (in orange) enjoying the cupcakes, with my nieces Janice and Jessica and his elder brother Aloysius ^_^ 

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