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Monday, January 14, 2013

Cupcakes For All The Teachers Of My Nephew And Niece

After the exams, my sister wanted me to bake some cupcakes for all the teachers who taught my nephew and niece who were graduating from Henry Park Primary School and Gracefield Kindergarten. 

The plan for to make 4-piece cupcake gift box for each teacher who taught them for 12 years and 4 years respectively.

I spent some time thinking about the designs for the 4 cupcakes. As there were male teachers, the colour theme should not be too sweet and pretty.

My sister's only request was that one of the cupcakes must have a big "J" and another must have a message tag that says "Thank You".

At the end, I settled for bright and vibrant colours. 

Cupcake 1 - a red J on yellow icing rosette as their names are Jonathan and Joanne. 
Cupcake 2 - a small blossom on orange icing rosette
Cupcake 3 - a big green star to represent the teacher and a little purple star the student, on
                      yellow icing rosette
Cupcake 4 - orange icing rosette with a blue Thank You tag

This is the end product! :) 

This is by far my biggest order, a total of 190 cupcakes, delivered separately in 2 batches.

Thank You, Jie! 
Appreciate your support and encouragement! ^_^

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