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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Izach's Lego Blocks

Izach is my second son Ignatius' classmate at St Joseph's Institution Junior. They are in Pri 1 this year. Izach's mom wanted to find a nice Lego Ninjago cake for Izach, so she was looking around for designs. 

One evening Dolly asked if I would like to make Izach's birthday. I was delighted to be asked ^_^

But I had been really busy from baking almost non-stop as Ignatius' and Dimitrius' (Baby D) birthday parties were celebrated just 2 weeks apart (18th Aug and 1st Sep). Izach's cake was required on 9th Sep. All the baking projects were vastly different, and I was glad to be able to gain more experience.

But I wasn't confident of making Lego characters from fondant. After some discussion, I almost wanted to throw in the towel.The only design I was confident of doing as jumbo Lego blocks. Dolly said it would be fine and the birthday boy could place his Ninjago characters all over the cake as he desired! Hahaha

The 2 Lego blocks may look simple but it's quite time consuming - 2 x 10" square cakes made up the 2 blocks and the knobs were each made from 3 layers of cake circles.

At the end of the day, everyone enjoyed the cake and that's all that matters! ^_^

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