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Thursday, January 12, 2012

C is for Caden

My 2nd order was from a very very old friend Regina, whom I knew what I was 16! Although we had lost touch for many years, we reunited in Facebook :)

She wanted me to make 35 cupcakes for her son Caden's 1st birthday. We discussed and settled on orange icing for boys and purplish pink icing for girls. And to play on the surname Moo, I would add cow sprinkles too. It sounded like a fun project! Along the way, I decided that I could also try to make fondant letter C in cow print to top the cupcakes. Regina put the cupcakes into the goody bags, as a party favour.

The final product looked colourful and interesting :) Don't you think so?

Cupcakes in dome holders
Cupcake in the goody bag

After receiving the 35 cupcakes on Friday night (06/01/12), Regina texted me and said that her mom wanted another 30 pieces! I was elated and most happy to help!

Cupcakes with single swirl icing and in square holders

I really must thank Regina for her idea on putting Baking Bees stickers on the cupcake holders *muaks*


  1. Oh my... I just saw this post! :)

    The cupcakes tastes as good as they look - so I would recommend you to any of my friends any time!

    I've started a cupcake tasting quest ever since I ate yours, and I'm happy to say that none of the store bought ones can even come close. I've tried from the most hyped cupcake stores, cake stores and delis, but I'm still dreaming of yours. No joke!

    I ate the LAST piece straight out of the fridge on the 2nd day, and I'm raving about the buttery goodness. Cake wasn't dry at all, plus the icing was not cloyingly sweet as most cupcakes tend to be.

    Now I'm looking for any reason to order from you again! :)

  2. My dear, I'm very glad to receive such a positive review from you, who incidentally was my first customer! :)

    I'm here to help you satisfy your cravings anytime. Hehehe :P actually I love my own cupcakes too, I will eat everything - cake, icing and fondant!

    Shall I let you know when I bake the next time? If I'm heading east, I can try to drop them off at your place.

    1. That will be great!!

      Whenever you're heading East, West or Central!
      I stay West, in-laws at East, me work in Orchard... hahaa...

      Got all areas covered!

      thanks, Chris!