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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Request For A Base Cake

My colleague called one day and ask if I would be interested in baking a cake for her younger son's birthday. She said that he liked soccer and dinosaurs. These 2 are quite different....... hmmm....

We talked about it for a while and we settled on the design - a large cake board covered with green buttercream icing, a 8" cake positioned such that there will be sufficient space to place Dinosaur Train toys around it and Fondant letters that spell "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER". The cake has uneven green icing all round, a ring of grass at the base and a river running across skewed to the right.

This was my first time trying to make and decorate a cake to such specific details, I felt nervous! :}

I enjoyed making marbled Fondant letters, I really liked how they looked. So I made it again this time.

The final product looked really cute, if I may say so. After the toys were placed on and around the cake, it truly became a customized Dinosaur Train theme cake!

Completed cake
Blades of grass
Dinosaur Train theme cake for Tyler 

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