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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Heart Shaped Cookies as Party Favour

Pretty Sugar Cookies

This post is quite overdue, it's about the sugar cookie order which I received from my friend Emily. Her cute little one Emmanuel was celebrating his first birthday last May (2012), 
and it coincided with Mother's Day weekend. 

My sincere apologies, my friend! It is not that I didn't want to write about your cookies but it somehow fell through the cracks. ^_^

Emily wanted a sweet design for the mommies who were coming to the birthday party. 
We talked about the shape of the cookie, the icing colours and the fondant decorations. 
Finally, we nailed down the design.

Cookies may look simple to some. In fact, they are not and they need a lot more time. There are also more steps in the entire process.

I am very particular about making very flat sugar cookies and I must keep them in airtight containers after baking to ensure they stay crisp.

Icing is a 2-step process - a thin outline first, then flood the cookies. Next lie them out to dry in a cold air-conditioned room. Our humidity is very bad for cookies and they will soft too soon. 

Fondant decorations are cut and fashioned by hand, piece by piece. 

Messages are also stamped one  by one. 

After which, they are attached to cookies, following the agreed design.

When everything is completed, cookies are sealed in small individual bags to maintain freshness! ^_^

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