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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My First Decorated Cake - Lesson 2 of Course 1

Along the way, after my second lesson in Course 1, 
I had to decorate a cake with a piped giant cupcake on the top. 
I had to first ice a cake at home and bring it to class. 
For some strange reason, my icing just wouldn't set. It just remained wet and creamy. Sigh.

At class on 4th Nov Friday, we had to prepare our piping bags and pipe the giant cupcake. 
It was truly very enjoyable to decorate your own cake, the sense of fulfilment is indescribable. 
I have always liked all things colourful and I tried to make my design as colourful as possible.

Happy Birthday Aaron!

It was such a happy cake that looking at it made me smile. 

As our Love Circle 353 group was going to celebrate Aaron's birthday on Saturday, I kept the cake and presented it to him.

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