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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cupcakes for Petopia

Friends at Petopia received a gift from their customer and friend Cynthia today. 
Cynthia is a very good friend of mine (much like an elder sister to me) and she wanted me to make cupcakes in Petopia corporate colours.

I was a little apprehensive initially, as the colour was unique, a little like teal.
Gel colours are tricky to mix and the result is often quite different from what you had in mind. 
I slept on it and though over it calmly. 
I had primary colours on hand and also brown and black.

I mixed a small batch and was surprised that it was quite close in colour. 
I'm really glad that everything turn out well! 
20 cupcakes delivered to Petopia and a special cupcake with a little red star for Marcus!

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