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Monday, December 5, 2011

Incredible learning journey

In the month of Nov, I embarked on something which I have been longing to do but have never gotten round to doing it.

I signed up for 2 cake decorating classes in Nov, learning the Wilton's method of decorating. I completed Course 1 - Basic Decorating and also Course 3 - Gum Paste and Fondant. As at 30th Nov 2011, I am a certified Wilton Decorator.

Truth be told, the courses weren't all play although they were really fun as there were so many new things to learn every lesson. But the hard part was having to go home and practice what you've learn in class for just 2 days before your next class. The hardest part would be the final cake which we have to complete by the 4th lesson of each course and it had to pass our instructor's criteria before we were handed our certificates.

My final cake for Wilton Course 1.
4 Lilac Roses with Leaves, and Shell Borders.

My final cake for Wilton Course 3.
Blue Fondant-covered base with Yellow Fondant-covered Cake,
pretty Daisies with Leaves and dainty Lace Border.
This cake was made for my mom.

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